The Spook Dance

The Spook Dance is a new blog I am starting.

As you can see it is empty as yet but I will be posting some of my Swing dance photos, thoughts and recommendations on there.

I will also be trying to pay more attention to this poor blog.

So more coming soon...


This year's effort

My sister and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Had a good comment from a new acquaintance who is a psychoanalyst. She doesn't know my sister and asked who is older - then she said she knew before I could answer. The answer is me. Not because I am more wrinkly and haggard (which I think gives it away). But because I am the larger animal and am supporting my little sibling. Ha! I love psycho babble.


the current show
check it out. a fabulous new art venture adventure from my lovely friend Serena.


Bad Blogger Lindy Hopper

six months ago i started lindy hopping. before that i was already a bad/infrequent blogger, now i would say i am a bad/pathetic blogger.

have plans to upload some new work, but it all needs tweeking! the above footsteps element are from some posters i have been working on. funny that they should have a dance feel!

i seriously cannot wipe the smile off my face that lindy has put there! i am sure some would like to smack it off!

there's me dancing with some men in stripes - always a good thing!

anne and kerry in london and cc in athens (very proud my preaching has gone international) are some victims (who i can link!) of my lindy recruitment policy.

now, if you think that you might just like lindy, and things 'don't mean a thing, if they ain't got that swing' i truly urge you to SIGN UP NOW!


Met up with Gemma the producer of 'Ode' last night - she had spotted 'The Paper Cinema' and thought of me! So glad she did. I think that the illustrations must change for different shows as the ones last night were not as good as the ones on the website. But the live aspect still makes for a nice show. Afraid I couldn't get any decent pictures. But there were two people sitting in front of a video camera which fed to a projection of the little cut outs they waved in front of it! All with live music too!

Then to The Ten Bells for a drink!



last night the blitz party was a blast... lots of men in uniform, nice shoes, good hair, spitfire beer, war wound comparisons, union jacks, sandbags (actually filled with balloons) lindy hopping old movies 'oldschool bbc' standard english, NICE PEOPLE!



i am pretty happy with my finnish horseshoe fortunes this year:
a fella on a horse
a dancing couple (confirming that my lindy hop infatuation is set to get stronger)
the third didn't photograph too well, but it was BIBLICAL! demons, creatures and strange figures that mean adventure in my eyes!

if you don't know the tradition it is well worth getting to know...
a real mix of magic, superstition and alchemy is the right start for new years eve, or anytime in the early new year.
i made a feeble google search and no great descriptions seem to be forthcoming. will have to document the process properly next year.

but a wee breakdown for you...

specially bought tin horseshoes (i stock up every year at the finnish christmas fair)
are melted one at a time over a fire in a pan.
once it has melted and looks like mercury you quickly pour it into a large pot of cold water.
it cools immediately so you can take it out with you hands straight away.
then you turn the lights off and hold it in front of a candle by a wall.
the rest is up to your imagination..



it has now become tradition for riona and i to snap a shot for christmas,
here is one of the more serene stills!



some work in progress to bridge the posting gap.
i had some fun on the stairwell with spray paint and stencils, have not used it since college - strong stuff that gets everywhere! well it did with this incompetent user. hehe!

the film is quite colourful so they will eventually be tinted accordingly..